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Marlins name Minor League Players of the Year

The Marlins announced the Minor Players of the Year.

The Florida Marlins have named Greensboro Grasshoppers right-handed pitcher Michael Brady as their minor league pitcher of the year and Hoppers outfielder Christian Yelich as minor league player of the year.

Congrats to both.

I wouldn't put too much stock into Brady for the future, he is 24 years-old and was pitching in Low A ball. He is way too old be at that level and while he dominated, he should have. What will be important is whether he can maintain that dominance at a higher level.

However, Yelich is progressing nicely. The 19-year old is showing some promise and should be in Jupiter next season. Or at least I hope so. While he is a long way away from the Majors, he is starting to display the reason he was a first round draft pick.

Naturally, we wish the both of them all the best.