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Ozzie Guillen: Next Stop Florida?

The White Sox released Ozzie Guillen from his contract last night and it is expected he will soon be announced as the new manager of the Florida Miami Marlins.

It was a very weird day, yesterday. It started with the Marlins rushing some interviews for a new manager in order to satisfy the MLB rules for hiring a new manager. Then Jack McKeon announced his retirement three days earlier than he had planned. And then the rumors started flying all over the place that the Marlins were discussing a trade for Guillen. But what finally happened was that Guillen was released from his contract with the White Sox, however, they did retain the right to compensation should he hired.

With him being released, the Marlins are free to pursue him and seemingly have already struct a deal that two minor leaguers will be sent to the White Sox. While no one knows for sure who the two minor leaguers will be in this transaction, Ozzie Martinez's name surfaced quite a bit.

It was also rumored the Marlins are offering Guillen a four-year $16 million deal.

Expect that Ozzie Guillen will be announced as the Miami Marlins manager pretty soon. And don't be surprised if he is the one who pulls down the final number at the stadium.

Much more on this later.