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Omar Infante agrees to a Two-Year Deal

Omar Infante and the Marlins have agreed to a two-year $8 million deal.

According to a team source, the veteran second baseman and the team have reached an agreement on a two-year contract. A second source said the deal is believed to be worth $8 million.

The second baseman is scheduled to take a physical on Tuesday, and once that process is completed, an announcement is expected.

Assuming he passes the physical, and I can't imagine he wouldn't, the deal should be announced later tonight or possibly in the morning.

Infante for several years has been playing above the $4 million average per year of the contract. So this is a solid deal. With him being 30 years-old, and in his prime, he shouldn't decline much, if at all, during the time he remains with the Marlins. Also there is the fact that Infante isn't just saddled to second base, if need be, he can play a number of positions.

But given how the Marlins Minor League is looking, he will be at second for the rest of the time he is with the team.