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Marlins begin interviews for manager

The Marlins will begin the interview process for a manager today.


On Monday morning, the Marlins have set up an interview with Washington third-base coach Bo Porter, formerly on Florida's staff.

Also on Monday, Florida will interview third-base and outfield coach Joe Espada.

Interim manager Jack McKeon, who turns 81 in November, hasn't announced his intentions for next year.


Personally, if Jack wants to come back as manager, the job should be his. He definitely fits the description of a big name manager that the front office desires.

But seeing how Loria and Samson want to distance themselves as far away from the Florida Marlins as possible, except for displaying the World Series trophies at the new ballpark. Which, by the way, is only meant for the new fan base that couldn't care less about attending a game live in the last 18-years, even though it is just an hour drive. And a pretty easy one at that. Yeah, they will be top notch baseball fans.

If you think I'm ever going to let this drop, you know nothing about me.

Now, back to subject at hand, what it comes down to is Jack, no matter his decision, won't have a chance. Everything is new and that doesn't include him. Also, that is true of Porter and Espada, these interviews are just a formality and neither will be hired. They can't pass the Loria and Samson test.