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Florida Marlins Fans: Your Services No Longer Required

David Samson seems to be of the opinion that the fans of the Florida Marlins can go pound sand, he wants a different fan base.

The quotes are from Joe Capozzi.

"It’s all for fans who are buying tickets, none of whom come to Sun Life. It’s not like we’re relocating 20,000 people and we’re going to pick up and go to Miami. This is a brand-new fan base. We have season ticket holders who never bought season ticket holders here, who never came to a game here once, all of whom live in Miami..."

As opposed to the ones who bought the tickets in the past? It's not for us?

So basically everyone in Palm Beach or Browder County, or for that matter Northern Miami-Dade won't mean anything to the club. Forget those who were your longtime Marlins fans and hope that the new ones will be as loyal. I can understand trying to build the fan base, it needs to happen, but verbally dissing some of the old fan base isn't the way to go. While it is true those from PBC or BC will not be able to attend as many weekday games as in the past, this is still a slight.

Then, Samson walks off the deep end.

"This is a full relocation, which is why the name changed, the uniform changed the logo changed. It’s a change in every way.

The way we are viewing it is ‘Florida Marlins, 1993-2011. Miami Marlins 2012 – forever.’…"

Right, I get it. The Florida Marlins won two World Series. The Miami Marlins - none.

The new stadium needed to be built in one of the population centers and Miami was the most amenable, by far. But the Miami Metropolitan Area is quite expansive and it doesn't make sense to totally disregard the other population center. Yeah, I know most of the fans in the seats will come from Miami and they should be to catered to, but that doesn't mean that some attendance help from the northern areas shouldn't be embraced.

But then again, David Samson has never said anything that completely ever made sense to me. So why should he start now?