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Miami Marlins Logo?

The net, or at least the baseball part of it, is all a buzz about whether the following is the Miami Marlins logo.


It was originally placed on Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Community.

The above piece of crap does match the colors in the new stadium and it looks like some hideous garbage that Loria would come up with. I truly hope this is just one of the initial designs for consideration and it has been rejected. The colors are awful, kinda the Mets with the addition of yellow. And not to mention the duplex tepee M.

Whether this is the new logo or not we won't know until November 11. But if this is it, I'm going to be plenty pissed. This is absolutely awful. Talk about totally screwing up. Even if it isn't, I will probably hate whatever the front office releases since they seem hellbent on changing the colors and removing even the slightest hint of teal. The Marlins colors should always be black and teal. How much to use of each and where to place them on the uniform can be up for debate. But the colors are black and teal. Those are our colors.

But that's just me, what do you think?