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Brad Hand may be shutdown

The Marlins may shut Brad Hand down due to the number of innings he has thrown this season.

LHP Brad Hand allowed four runs (three earned) in four innings Sunday in a 4-3 loss in Washington. He fell to 1-8 with a 4.20 ERA. Including the minor leagues, he has thrown a career-high 173 2/3 innings (60 with Marlins) this year. There's a chance the Marlins may shut the rookie down since there are only nine games left in the season.

If the Marlins choose to do this with the young 21-year old, it will be a very good move. Hand is full of potential and he is right at the injury nexus. When a young pitcher throws over 170 innings or 30 more innings than the previous season, he becomes susceptible to increasing his chances of injury. The most innings Hand has thrown in his professional career was in 2010 when he registered 146.2 innings. Meaning he is at both ends of the injury nexus.

We have already seen JJ and Anibal go through surgeries and not to mention Nolasco's elbow problems. Back in 2006 the young arms were totally mismanaged and this is not a time to repeat that same mistake. Patting Hand on the back and telling him you did good kid, we will see you in Spring Training, makes the most sense to me.