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What did David Samson say?

I was only half-heartedly listening to his interview on VERSUS, which was replayed around 1 a.m. He was mainly speaking about why Marlins fans don't attend in large numbers to the games. Most of what he said was drivel, seeing how the front office knows very little about the fans, but some was correct.

Then Samson said something like one of the biggest problems with attendance is that Miami businessmen don't, or can't, attend the games in a suit and tie. Yeah, that doesn't make sense to me either.

At this point I was almost completely tuning out what was being said when I thought I heard him say that all weekday home games would start at 12:40 p.m. to attract the suit and tie wearers. And he was proud of this announcement.

The questions I have are: Did I hear him correctly? Did he really say that all of the Marlins weekday games next season will start at 12:40 p.m.?

Did you anyone else see the interview or possibly record it? Because I really don't won't to go into a rant about how stupid that would be without confirmation.

I really hope I heard that wrong.

Note: I'm not talking about just day games, but all games during the week.