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Marlins President David Samson on CNBC Sports Biz - Tonight

Florida Marlins President David Samson will be on CNBC Sports Biz Tonight. Here is the interesting part, the show is not being aired on CNBC but on VERSUS. Do what?

 Marlins President David Samson will be appearing on Darren Rovell’s new show, CNBC Sports Biz: Game On this evening. The show will be aired on VERSUS (September 16th) at 7PM.

Okay. Does NBC own VERSUS too? Apparently so.

From what I have been told Samson will talking about the Marlins and the new stadium. Don't how long the interview will last but it will be during the pre-game for tonight's game. Personally, I would DVR Samson and watch Marlins Live. Then after the game checkout the interview, which could be interesting cause you never know what Samson will say.