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Logan Morrison files grievance over demotion

Logan Morrison decided to file a grievance over being sent down to the minors.

Marlins left fielder Logan Morrison has filed a grievance against his team for what he perceives to be a wrongful demotion to the Minor Leagues on Aug. 13.


"I want to put it behind me but also stand up for what's right. I consulted with the [Major League Baseball] Players Association and I want to protect my rights."


Morrison and his agent, Fred Wray, along with the MLBPA, filed the grievance on Aug. 25, two days after the left fielder was recalled by the Marlins. The grievance was filed because they believe the demotion didn't have just cause.


The grievance process could take up to one year and the case would end up in front of an arbitrator, unless the two sides can decide on a settlement.

I agree with LoMo that his being sent down was a punishment and not for the reason the organization gave. (Poor batting average.) And I'm all for standing up for your rights. If you don't, most likely no one will stand up for them for you. However, this looks like a grievance that can't be won. I'm afraid it is going to turn into a he said, she said, type of thing and get nowhere.

In the longterm will it hurt LoMo's career? No. Could it shorten LoMo's tenure as a Marlin? Yes.

Personally, I would have left the incident alone. But LoMo chose otherwise and I'm cheering for him, however, I don't think there is a way to win his case no matter that his stance is the correct one. All I hope at this point is that the organization doesn't go all middle school and try to trade him because their little feelings are hurt.