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Marlins announce their tentative 2012 schedule

The Marlins 2012 schedule was announced, those these things sometimes change.

The unveiling of MLB's newest stadium is tentatively scheduled to be a marquee event. The Marlins will debut at home on April 4, 2012, against the storied St. Louis Cardinals. The game will be played on a Wednesday, and it will launch Major League Baseball's season.

For months, Marlins president David Samson has pushed to gain maximum exposure for the opening of the franchise's baseball-only facility. He has urged the league to make the home opener a spotlight game, seeking national television exposure. That appears to have happened, although the TV schedule has yet to be announced.

After the opening game, the Marlins go on a six-game, eight-day road trip so the ones in the charge of the stadium can fix everything that went wrong on opening day. And trust me, stuff will go wrong. It is just the nature of the beast. Don't know if holding a somewhat regional college baseball tournament is still in the mix to test it out before opening day. And by the way, hosting a somewhat regional college baseball tournament is a good idea. Or whether they hoping to work all the kinks out in the final Spring Training games against the Yankees. But either way, it will be a work in progress.

Now back to schedule. The Marlins will start interleague play in May visiting the Indians on May 18-20. While this is not likely to be as cold as the games they played in the World Series in 1997, it still has the possibility to be very cold. The other AL teams they will face are naturally a home and home series with the Rays. A home and home series with the Red Sox. And Toronto coming to town in June.

The toughest month for the team seems to be August where the Marlins only play nine home games. Then again, if the team responds like this year's, that could be the most productive month.

Anyway, here is the schedule:

Marlins 2012 Tentative Schedule

Remember, these things sometimes change.