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Mike Cameron released for altercation with flight attendant

The Marlins released Mike Cameron due to an altercation with a flight attendant.

From Joe Capozzi:

A source confirmed the reason the Marlins released Mike Cameron – it had to do with a verbal altercation he had with a male flight attendant on a team charter flight late Sunday afternoon from Pittsburgh to Atlanta.

There was no physical altercation but it was serious enough that the charter company filed a complaint.

The team’s decision to release Cameron over the flap isn’t all that surprising – he was not in their long-term plans for next year, anyway.

This is really weird, in that, Mike Cameron is/was always considered the one of the good guys in baseball. He was one of those guys who could bring a dysfunctional clubhouse together. A true professional.

Seeing how this happened it makes me wonder about the incident, not saying it didn't happen, but in the past it took a lot to set Cameron off. Everyone has their bad days, and who knows who triggered the event. But this incident is really out of character for Cameron.