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Marlins Release Mike Cameron

After last night's game the Marlins released Mike Cameron.


CF Mike Cameron struck out as a pinch hitter in the 10th inning Monday, then was released by the Marlins after Florida's 5-4, 12-inning win at Atlanta.

The at-bat was his first since he hurt his right hamstring Sept. 6.

Cameron, who hinted over the weekend that he would retire after the season, hit .238 with six homers and 18 RBI in 45 games with Florida after he was acquired from Boston in July in a cash deal. He batted .149 in 33 games with the Red Sox this year.

Cameron, 38, is in his 17th big-league season. He was an All-Star for Seattle in 2001, and he won three Gold Gloves. In 1,955 career games, he has a .249 average, 278 homers, 968 RBI and 297 stolen bases.


While Cameron didn't have greatest of years, he did do some good while with the team. Providing some good defense and a couple of late game timely hits.

But the fact of the matter is that he never figured into the Marlins future plans. And with the probable fact he is going to retire at the end of season, it makes since to release him now. Especially seeing how it is unlikely that his hamstring will totally heal in the next two weeks, which is all the season the Marlins have left.

While it is true the Marlins could hold on to him for the rest for the rest of the season while calling someone up, due to the expanded roster, this is normally not done. Major League teams normally don't want players tripping over each other in the club house and sharing lockers. That just isn't the Show experience they won't to convey.

More than likely Scott Cousins will be called up. His back injury has seem to be abated, somewhat, and the Marlins are getting pretty thin in the outfield position. It is possible that Chris Coghlan will get the call, but I doubt it. All he has done is keep re-injuring himself in rehab assignments. More than likely Cogz is shutdown for the season.

And frankly, I have no problem of seeing an outfield of Petersen and whoever is healthy between Stanton, LoMo and Cousins.

If some of the injured ones can't answer the call and the Marlins still have to send Boni to the outfield so be it, Donnie "Bleeping" Murphy is better, defensively, at short stop than I ever imagined.