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Hanley Ramirez may need shoulder surgery

After looking at Hanley Ramirez's MRI it is possible that he may have shoulder surgery again, this offseason.

UPDATE: Marlins just texted an update on Hanley’s MRI: "Left shoulder instability. Willl discuss treatment options with Dr. (Lee) Kaplan this weekend.’

Hanley Ramirez is considering off-season surgery as an option to prevent his left shoulder from pulling loose like it did on Tuesday.


Ramirez also could skip surgery and opt to let the shoulder heal all winter and then take his chances in Feburary when spring training starts.

But if he has surgery, it’s unclear how soon he could return or whether he might miss the beginning of the season. That would depend on how complicated or routine of a procedure would be needed.

I have very little faith that the shoulder will heal itself. Oh, sure, the discomfort will abate but that is all that can be said as for a long-term solution. This has been a reoccurring problem for the last five years, at the least. He had surgery on the shoulder in 2007, while it helped, it didn't permanently fix the problem. Then again, going under the scope/knife is probably no guarantee that it will be a permanent solution this time either. But it is probably has a better shot than just allowing the shoulder to do the work on its own.

Shoulders are an extremely tough call being that they are so complex.