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JRS to be remembered fondly?

Yes, it is going to happen and here is a very nice article giving an example why.

Most South Floridians, of course, hate Sun Life as a baseball stadium, and are glad the Marlins are moving into a shiny,domed palace next year. Personally, I'm not so thrilled, because my son, my wife and I have some great memories of the place.

I will be writing my story of memories at the stadium when we draw closer to the end. And believe me, some of them are the best of my life. So expect many of these type of stories to take place, as everyone gets nostalgic. Of course, that doesn't change the reality that the sightlines suck in the many seated locations, it is sometimes hot, also it rains and sharing a field with football teams is no way to go. Not to mention the somewhat overall crappy concessions and other lack of amenities. But given all of that, or maybe because of that, for most of us, there is a memorable time or two at the stadium which is burned in our mind.

I'm not looking for your memories now, in fact I don't won't them at this point. We will do that later, but this gives you about a month to get your thoughts together. If you so desire to share. So start thinking about them because near the end of this month we will say adieu to the only baseball home the Marlins have ever known.