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Is Royal Caribbean tipping their hand?

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On the official blog of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines they have a blog post which is titled:

Could Royal Caribbean be bidding on the naming rights of Florida Marlins new stadium?

They really don't say much in the post, but why would they post the story if they weren't in the running? Oh sure, any kind of press is good press as along as they spell your name right but this seems really strange. One would assume the official Royal Caribbean blogger would have some access into some of the company's inner workings and not just a speculator.

Is this an indication they are one of the final two? I leave it for you to decide. But should they win the naming rights, it does have the potential for providing a very interesting item in the fan charity auction to bid on. Not that we would win, we never win. However, it would give us something else to miss out on. And I would rather strikeout twice, than just once in the auction. And if you go on the theory that no one, who keeps taking turns at the plate, bats 0.00 forever. Eventually we will win.