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Hanley Ramirez has a confirmed Shoulder Sprain

As you know, Hanley Ramirez flew back to Miami for a MRI on his left shoulder and it confirmed what everyone thought:

Shortstop Hanley Ramirez, who sprained his left shoulder diving for a bloop single in the sixth inning Tuesday, returned to South Florida on Wednesday to have an MRI performed. The Marlins said the MRI confirmed his sprain and that Ramirez remains "day-to-day."

The team has been through Hanley's shoulder sprains many times before, so this is nothing new. The bad part is that Hanley was finally starting to come around and this brings in a gap to the process. However, he has normally returned to action fairly quickly after the injury and there is no reason to think he won't this time.

Look for him to get at least today off, and maybe the next the day. After that, expect him back in the starting lineup but with him being a little tentative at the plate. Meaning he won't try to drive an outside pitch to the opposite field but he will turn on any inside pitch he gets. That is, if it is like the other times. But after a game or two and his confidence in his shoulder builds, he will be back to normal.