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Emilio Bonifacio Named NL Player of the Month for July

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It is true, Emilio Bonifacio was named as the NL Player for the month of July. Bonifacaio being the player of the month were words I never thought I would type. But the honor is richly deserved.


Before McKeon took over on June 20, Bonifacio was hitting .269 with a .338 on-base percentage, 24 runs scored, four stolen bases and 11 RBI. Since McKeon has taken over, he has started 37 of the 38 games and hit .331 with a .401 on-base percentage, 31 runs scored, 21 steals and seven RBI.

What he did in July alone was phenomenal. He had a 26-game hitting streak (second-longest in Marlins history), hit .380, posted a .466 on-base-percentage and scored an NL-best 27 runs. He also stole 16 bases to lead the NL.

Congratulations Boni.

Which brings us to Jack, if he wants to manage next season, the Marlins will be making a mistake if they don't bring him back. If he doesn't want to do it, then fine, go for whatever flavor of the day suits the front office. But he should be asked first.

I am quite well aware of the fact that mostly, a manager doesn't matter all that much when it comes to wins. The talent on the team is the biggest component, but the Marlins are talented and if for some reason they are responding to a 80 year-old, cigar smoking, who can't remember their names manager, then stay with it.

Bonifacio gives Jack some credit for his award.

I’m grateful for [McKeon]. He’s given me a chance to play every day. I’ve done my job, but I wouldn’t have had the opportunity [if not for him]. I’ve taken advantage of it.’’

But really what it comes down to is: Bonifacio came through and that has been recognized. And we couldn't be happier for him.