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Hanley Ramirez to be shutdown for the season?

Hanley Ramirez left a rehab game in Jupiter with shoulder discomfort.


Ramirez hasn’t played since Aug. 2 when he suffered a left shoulder sprain.

"I guess he felt it and it didn’t feel right in the fourth inning and he took himself out. He’s going to the doctor in Miami,’’ baseball operations president Larry Beinfest said tonight after Florida’s 6-0 win over the Mets.


Hanley's shoulder has been a longtime concern and apparently it isn't healing quickly. He will be evaluated today and we should more afterwards. In fact, given that this is continuing to be a problem, he may end up in Alabama to get Dr. Andrew's expert opinion. 

The Marlins, let's face it, have a shot at finishing third in the division at best. And that doesn't get you in the playoffs. To be completely honest, this year's version of the team, doesn't belong anywhere near the playoffs. With that said, I would expect that Hanley will be shutdown for the rest of the season. And that is probably the most prudent way to handle this.