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Marlins September Call ups can forget playing time

Come Thursday when MLB teams can call up anyone on the 40-man roster they wish, don't expect the new ones donning a Marlins uniform to see much action.

Here is what Jack had to say:

"If you call them up, where are you going to play them?" McKeon said. "It's difficult to take some of these guys out of the lineup who have been doing a real good job. The way we are right now, I'd like to put as many wins as I can on this ballclub, especially going into that new stadium.

"I'm not having a tryout camp. That would not be fair to the other guys on this team who have battled through this adversity, and now they have been playing a little better. If a guy is having a good year, are you going to take him out of the lineup?"


"There is a lot at stake for the guys who are here, and if there is any callups," McKeon said. "You know how September is? September and Spring Training. That's the worst time of the year to evaluate anybody, because they give you sometimes a false impression of what they can do."


You've got to love Jack, he doesn't pull punches. However, I suspect any pitcher called up will see playing time. Now as for position players who are minor leaguers, they can pretty much enjoy their month of a higher salary with the big club and get a new set of tires for their car while trying to perfect their rock-paper-scissors game.

While I don't necessarily completely agree with Jack, since this season is lost. True, the young 25-man roster Marlins need to keep playing. But as for the ones who are not likely to be with the club in 2012, it wouldn't hurt to see if any of the call ups who play that position are anywhere near ready.

Since the minors are so thinned out, I don't expect many, if any, will get the call. Most of the young promising talent is already on the team. However, it is very possible that John Baker, Scott Cousins, Donnie Murphy, all of whom are on rehab assignment, will be rejoining the team at some point during the month of September. Of course, It is also possible a couple of true minor leaguer position players will join the team, but they will probably never play.