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The Marlins New Ballpark close to having a name

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Apparently the Marlins are close to having a corporate name for the new ballpark.

A deal is close to being finalized on principal naming rights, P.J. Loyello, Marlins senior vice president of communications, said Tuesday.

During a media tour of the ballpark in mid-June, team President David Samson said negotiations were down to two companies.


"From what I understand there’s several companies that stepped forward, and negotiations were always pretty open and clear about what the economic parameters of the deal would be, and people didn’t shy away. We’re talking multinational companies that are looking to get their name in Miami," Loyello said, adding that the partnership is going to be "omnipresent from a marketing standpoint, a community standpoint and, obviously, a presence at the ballpark itself.
"We’re trying to get the best deal. We’re at the point that we’re finalizing it.

"Multinational companies that are looking to get their name in Miami"? I don't like the sound of that. Does that mean they won't have any South Florida roots? If the stadium is named after Bacardi, I'm cool with that. Or after one the cruise lines, no problem. Or Burger King, that will work. Or Publix, I can get behind that. But it better not be a British Petroleum-like company or some vampire squid financial institution. But for some reason, I am afraid it will be.