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Gaby Sanchez leads NL first baseman in Fielding Percentage

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Gaby Sanchez is leading all NL first baseman in fielding percentage.

Gaby Sanchez currently leads all NL first basemen with a .997 fielding percentage. Sanchez has not made an error in his last 28 games. The Marlins have never had a first baseman lead the NL in fielding.

First off that surprises me, I would've figured that Derrek Lee did so at least once in his time with the Marlins. While I'm not a fan of fielding percentage, and come to think about it, I'm not much of a fan of most defensive stats. That really doesn't matter, Gaby is leading the league in one of them and that should be recognized. 

Actually he is leading the league in more than just fielding percentage. If you look at first baseman who have started over 90 games at first, he also leading the league in Total Zone Fielding Runs Above Average with 8 runs. Runs above average is the amount of runs greater than the average first baseman. Since 10 runs equals a win, roughly. Gaby's defense has almost equated to an extra win by the Marlins. And folks, that ain't bad.