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Hanley Ramirez is Day-to-Day

In last night's game, Hanley Ramirez, made a dive to catch a pop-fly and injured his left shoulder once again.

Ramirez left the game in the sixth inning after diving for Angel pagan’s single.

Ramirez underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn labrum on the same shoulder right after the 2007 season.

"It’s something I have been having to deal with the last three years since I got the surgery, but hopefully it’s nothing bad and I can come back quick,’’ he said.


A left shoulder injury is nothing new for Hanley. If you will remember Hanley has had left shoulder problems in the past. It first reared its ugly head in 2006 when while batting Hanley's shoulder popped out during an at bat. And it would happen again during that season. In 2007 it happened again. So in the offseason of 2007 he had surgery on his shoulder to correct the issue. Since the surgery, he hasn't had any noticeable problem with it when he is at the plate, but that isn't true of being in the field. 

In 2008 he injured his left shoulder again diving for a ground ball and not to mention it was re-injured in a 2009 exhibition game

In the past Hanley, for the most part, has bounced back pretty quickly from injuring his left shoulder. But do expect him to get a couple of days off while it heals. Should he go on the 15-day DL, and I don't think he will, expect for Ozzie to get the call. Hanley is scheduled to get a MRI today to see if there is any structural damage, and hopefully there won't be any.