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347 Fans at the start of the Double Header?

'Duk of Big League Stew of Yahoo! Sports fame reported the following:

According to @justincohen790, there was an unofficial headcount of 347 fans in the stands for the first pitch of Wednesday's doubleheader at Sun Life Stadium. Cohen counted five sections with three or fewer people in it and three completely empty sections. The Marlins haven't announced the official attendance, but it likely won't challenge the record of the smallest crowd in modern history (believed to be 653 during a Oakland Athletics game in 1979).

Actually, 'Duk was quite fair in the article and tried to explain the reason for the low initial attendance. Although it wasn't correct, seeing how for the most part, South Florida residents are unbelievably good at tracking hurricanes. It comes with the territory.  The reason there weren't more fans there at the start of the game is that Marlins fans do not attend mid-week day games. The exception of course is Camp Days, but there is only one or two of those a year. And really, the purpose of those is growing fans and not catering to existing ones. Unless you live in Hollywood or Ft. Lauderdale the stadium is just too far away. It would require taking off a lot of time from work or missing most of the school day in order to attend. Believe it or not, some people still have jobs in South Florida and the schools are still open, for now. Of course, the crappy season isn't helping anything,  but really that doesn't matter. Bad season or not, Marlins fans don't rush to the park at that time of day.

Low attendance crowds during a mid-week day game is nothing new. However, the crowd did fill in somewhat. The announced attendance was 22,505 which of course means there were less than that in the stands by the time the second game started, but there were some fans there. It is always hard to guess the crowd given how large the stadium is. But seeing how the Marlins couldn't add the Thursday's ticket sales to the Wednesday one's it wasn't bad, by Marlins standards.

Will attendance be better next season for mid-week day games? Probably. But I wouldn't except Cub-like results.