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Josh Johnson to start throwing program

Once again, Josh Johnson is going to start a throwing program.


Josh Johnson will try to resume his throwing program Tuesday in South Florida, a significant step toward his effort to return to the Marlins' starting rotation before the end of the season.

The last time JJ tried to throw a baseball was on June 24 when he was shutdown due to shoulder discomfort.


The article goes on.

Johnson could play catch in long-toss sessions for at least a week before he moves to a mound, where he would then try to throw at least three bullpen sessions every other day. If that goes well, he'd pitch at least one simulated game and then make two or three rehab starts.

I doubt he will start out long-tossing, or at least I hope not. More than likely he will begin with soft-toss and if that goes well it will proceed as said above. But honestly, I have very little hope of seeing him again this season. If he feels the slightest twinge in his shoulder the club will shut him down, and should.

At this point he is only experiencing shoulder discomfort with no structural damage. But shoulders are complex things and you don't mess with them. If a pitcher has Tommy John surgery (elbow), in 12-18 months he will be as good as new, sort of. Meaning his pitching career will resume though it is more than likely it will be shortened. Shoulders are a different game. If a player injures his shoulder to the point it requires surgery, it may be career ending.

JJ is pretty resilient so it is possible that we could see him in the rotation again this season sometime in September, but I wouldn't count on it. The main thing is to get him healthy.