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Randy Choate out for season?

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A little late on this one, but here it is anyway.

Randy Choate was place on the DL before last night's game and it appears his season is over.

The Marlins placed Randy Choate on the 15-day disabled list with elbow inflammation, and it’s unlikely the lefty specialist will pitch again this season.

"I doubt it," Choate said after undergoing a MRI in South Florida on Thursday.

The good news for Choate and the Marlins is that the injury doesn’t involve ligament damage and should heal on its own with time and rest.

Choate is under contract next season for $1.5 million.

Choate going on the DL changes the front office's options. After giving up the walk-off home run in Denver he was placed on "trading" waivers to see if he would clear. If he did, the Marlins had the option to trade him. Now with him injured, that option went out the window.