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More on the Logan Morrison and Wes Helms Situation

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Joe Capozzi has connected the dots probably better than anyone and you should read the entire article.

Logan Morrison skipped Marlins event for fans before being demoted

But here is a small part of it:

When Morrison got back to Sun Life Stadium on Saturday, he found out about the meet-and-greet that was supposed to start at 4 p.m. That's when he consulted Helms (the team's union rep), who told him he didn't have to attend.

Morrison apologized to the season-ticket holders on his Twitter account on Saturday.

Missing the meet-and-greet sent into motion the chain of events leading to the announcement after Saturday night's 3-0 loss to San Francisco.

"I saw the whole situation happening," first baseman Gaby Sanchez said. "I just kind of got out of here."

LoMo's agent is exploring whether a grievance can be filed or not, under the Collective Bargaining Agreement. I read the CBA when it came out but I don't remember all of the specifics. However, if a grievance is filed, I think it will just turn into a he said, she said kind of a deal. And it might be best to leave it  alone. 

In the case of Wes Helms, if the Players Association feels he was released for telling a player their rights, if indeed those were his rights, they will go ballistic. And they are already not very fond of the Marlins front office.

In other words, we may only be at intermission in this whole ordeal and there could be more to come.