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Deadline to Sign Draftees is Today

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The Marlins have until midnight to sign the players they selected in the draft. If not, they go back into the pool. As it stands right now, the organization has signed only one of their first four picks. And that one would be their second round pick, LHP Adam Conley of Washington State. 

Given the way MLB is running the signing of draftees this year, it isn't too surprising the Marlins haven't signed three of the top four. This year MLB instructed the teams to only offer slot until the last moment because it didn't want the player's agent to use someone else's signing bonus as leverage in the deal he is trying to construct. In fact, 23 of the first round picks in baseball remain unsigned.

The Marlins have historically done a pretty decent job of getting their picks signed. So don't be surprised if they get their third and fourth rounders names on the dotted line sometime today. Draft picks 5 through 13 are already under contract. As for the Marlins first pick, I doubt they will get him signed. He start negotiations wanting more money than the club is ever going to be willing to go.  But we will find out whether he is willing to come off his number or figures if he can't get it, then college is a fine alternative.

We'll see.