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Brad Hand optioned; Chris Volstad recalled

The Marlins made some roster moves after last night's game. While I have no idea of the order of the transactions, that doesn't matter, we will take it in replacement order. Which means we will first begin with the starters. Brad Hand was sent back down to Double-A Jacksonville and Chris Volstad was recalled from New Orleans.

While Hand will be a solid starter in the rotation for the Marlins one day, it isn't quite his time yet. He needs a little more polishing. He was absolutely rushed to the Majors due to circumstances of need and then some contrived. He made a good showing, when he could find the plate, but that was also his problem in the Minors. Which is the place to work that out. 

However, I was very happy to see him pitch. The Marlins have a solid lefty in the system and that ain't bad.

Now for Chris Volstad. He didn't exactly tear up Triple-A while he was down there. He made three starts and in some ways got progressively worse in each one. Volstad is a sinker ball pitcher and his ratio of ground ball outs to fly ball outs went from 4.0 in his first start, to 2.0 in his second and in his final start to 0.67. Not exactly awe inspiring.

But Volsatd wasn't in NOLA to inspire awe, he was there to work on his mechanics.  And maybe he did work them out, but I'm hard pressed to see how.