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Donnie Murphy out until August

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Donnie Murphy was re-diagnosed and now it looks like he won't rejoin the Marlins until August, or maybe longer.


When Donnie Murphy went on the disabled list May 2 (retroactive to April 30), he never imagined he’d still be out by now. Last week, he found out why.

Murphy originally went on the disabled list more than two months ago with a right wrist inflammation. But he said he was diagnosed last week with a sprained tendon between his right wrist and forearm.

"Took two months to figure it out," he said.


Murphy was told last week to completely rest his arm for three weeks. Once that’s done, he will resume activities with a goal of joining the Marlins some time in August

That sucks. For players, like Donnie, who are slotted as platoon players off the bench the window of opportunity to prove that you're good enough to be an everyday player doesn't open but maybe once in a career and this year it was open for Murphy. With Matt Dominguez struggling at the plate and then getting hurt, the third base job was Murphy's. And it was his chance to prove he was capable of contributing to the team on an everyday basis. And then the injury happened which may have all but robbed him of his chance. 

Yes, he got off to a slow start for the month of April from probably pressing too much. But I believe he would have settled in and have put up numbers for the Marlins similar to those he did in NOLA. Now, we may never know. However, if he does return to the bench at least he can keep being the guy you want at plate pinch-hitting in a walk-off situation.

Whatever the situation, I will wear my #22 jersey proudly.