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Gaby Sanchez saves a run

In the final game against the Phillies, you remember Domonic Brown missing second base and being called out on appeal. Well, that happened because of Gaby Sanchez's watchful eye.

Clark Spencer pens the story.


"Defensive RBI," said Marlins infield coach Perry Hill of Sanchez’s alert thinking. "Huge out. That saved a run."

In describing the play, Hill said Sanchez did exactly as trained.

"The ball’s in the gap, so the shortstop goes out, the second baseman goes behind the shortstop, and the first baseman trails the runner to second in case he makes a wide run and we can throw behind him," Hill said. "So if he continues to third, Gaby’s job is to watch him touch every base."

After Sanchez saw Brown miss the bag, the Marlins had to hope that Danley did, too.

"Most of [the umpires] are watching the ball like the rest of us," Hill said. "I was watching the ball. But that’s Gaby’s job, and he did it. And he got lucky that the umpire was watching it, too.

"It’s one of those things you never think about. He’s probably done that 300 times the last couple of years, and it never came into play. And instead of taking it for granted, he continued to do his job every time and eventually it paid off. Thumbs-up to Gaby."


No wonder the Man is an All-Star. He just plays the game the way it is suppose to be played. And oh yeah, he is extremely talented but even if he wasn't he would find a way to stick in the Majors.

Job well done Gaby.