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Marlins acquire Mike Cameron; Jose Ceda Optioned

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The Marlins acquired Mike Cameron via a trade after the Red Sox DFA'd him.

The Marlins acquired outfielder Mike Cameron and cash from the Red Sox on Tuesday in exchange for a player to be named or cash.


His role with the team has not been decided, but Beinfest sees the outfielder getting starts to give Logan Morrison, Bryan Petersen and Mike Stanton days off.

The cash received is presumably to pay off the rest of his $7.5 million salary for the year. The Marlins are only on the hook for the pro-rated Major League minimum.

Cameron is 38 years-old and is in the waning years of his career. There was a time he was a good defensive outfielder who had a little pop in his bat, but that day has past.

If the Marlins do use him as a outfield utility replacement, then I don't have any problems with the so-called trade. I would rather see old veterans past their prime riding the bench than some young guy who should be playing everyday, somewhere. But it does raise the question, what is the role of Dewayne Wise? Is he just a lefty PH bat off the bench?

That aside, should the Marlins do their usual we just traded for the guy and therefore he should start everyday until he proves to be useless, then I have a big problem with the Cameron trade.

Yeah, I do understand that Cameron is a great guy and an excellent addition to the club house but don't count on much production out of him at the plate. Should the Marlins use him as a pinch-hitter his career numbers as one are .115/.281/.308. Not exactly comforting.

In order to make room for him on the 25-man roster, the Marlins optioned Jose Ceda to NOLA after last night's game. Cameron will be added to the roster today.

Oh, if the Marlins decide to do the player to be named later, the Marlins will present a list of players consisting of no top prospects, and the Red Sox will choose the one they want.

Bottom line, this trade did not improve the team in any substantial way.