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Fish Wrap: Marlins 2, Phillies 14

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The game was outstanding pitchers duel for 2.2 innings, then the wheels totally came off the wagon for the Marlins.

The game was scoreless with Chris Volstad and Cole Hamels matching each other by shutting down the other team and then came the third inning. In the third, Hamels started out the inning by grounding out softly to Volstad. Jimmy Rollins followed with single to center. Michael Martinez struck out for the second out of the inning and this is when everything fell apart. Chase Utley singled to right placing runners on first and third with two outs. Jack held up four fingers from the dugout to intentionally walk Ryan Howard to load the bases. This didn't work. Raul Ibanez hit a single to center to score both Rollins and Utley. Carlos Ruiz followed with another single to center to load the bases once again. So Randy St. Claire made a visit to mound to ensure the Philles would score more runs in the inning and it worked. Domonic Brown singled to score Howard and Wilson Valdez followed with another single to score Ibanez and Ruiz. Thankfully it was Hamels turn at bat again and he made the final out of the inning. Score: Marlins 0, Phillies 5.

Note: I never think it is a good idea to intentionally walk a hitter in the situation the Marlins were in. It sends a message to the pitcher that the manager doesn't believe his pitcher is good enough to get the hitter out. That is not a way to build a pitcher's confidence.

The Phillies added two more runs in the top of in the top of the fourth. The Marlins did, however, answer back in the bottom of the fourth for the only shining moment for the Fish on offense. With one out in the inning Mike Stanton tripled, and John Buck drove them both home with his 99th career home run to left. Score: Marlins 2, Phillies 7.

Then it just gets worse from there. If you didn't see the game, count yourself lucky. It was definitely one to miss.