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More on Hanley Ramirez and Jeff Conine

Late last night Hanley Ramirez made this statement on twitter. It took of a couple of tweets to do it.

Hanley Ramirez twitter.

I'm sorry that Mr. Conine feels that way, and I admire him for all that he accomplished in his career. Proud to leave my skin on the field..

...and the sweat on my uniform every night for my team, as we pursue our winning goals. End of story, we have games to win!

Atta boy Hanley. Now, you're on the trolley.

It would've been absolutely perfect had it been the first you said. But a good save is a good save and should be recognized.

Hanley finally found the high road, albeit a little late, and everything sounds so much better when it comes from there.

Hopefully that will end this matter and there will be very little to no residual outfall from it. And maybe Hanley has finally learned the best way to address his critics in the future.

Good job Hanley.