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Hanley Ramirez calls out Jeff Conine

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Hanley Ramirez gives his rebuttal to Jeff Conine. But as usual he just shoots his mouth off. There is nothing wrong with Hanley giving his side of the story, but he really could use a class or two in diplomacy.

From Clark Spencer.

  "I think he wants to be Mr. Marlin forever," Ramirez said of Conine, who was given that moniker during his eight seasons with the team. "It won't happen. I'm coming, baby. I think I'm going to be Mr. Marlin. That's my goal now. I wasn't thinking about that (before Conine's comments)."


     "If he's got a problem, just come over and talk to me like a man," Ramirez said. "Don't be a chicken, talking on the (radio), because whatever you say is going to stay out there."

Oh, boy. 

First off, Hanley will never be Mr. Marlin. It ain't going to happen. Oh sure, maybe some of the media could be convinced to say so, but unless it is adopted by the fans, it will never take hold. And Hanley is doing nothing to endear himself.

It goes on.

   "Why now?" Ramirez said. "There are a lot of worse guys than me out there. But nobody knows because nobody pays attention. When I'm on the field, I'm just being me. I'm playing my game. It's how I've got to play. Nobody's going to change me. What I get paid for is to win, respect each other, respect the organization. That's what I do."

'Why now?' is a fair question seeing how Hanley is seemly actually trying most every game this season. My guess is that no one ever actually asked Conine the question before and he has a residual remembrance of Hanley's past. But going with 'There are a lot of worse guys than me out there.' isn't exactly a strong defense.

But of course it doesn't stop there.

"I'm going to make it to the Hall of Fame being in a Marlins uniform," Ramirez said. "This number (No. 2), nobody's going to wear it."

Dude, I've got news for you. The way you are declining the only way you are going to 'make it to the Hall of Fame' is if you buy to a ticket. Now, Hanley can still turn it around and be enshrined, he has the talent to do so. But something has to change. As far as being a Marlin his whole career, that remains to be seen. Maybe he can. But no one, with anything resembling a long career, has done it before.


  As for Conine, Ramirez said: "I'm still playing. I'm in the game. Where is he? I'm just happy to be in the game. I don't care what other people say."

Oh, great. It is back to the same questioning as to what does Fredi Gonzalez know about baseball since he didn't play in the Majors? Hanley really needs a better default than I'm Hanley Ramirez and you are lesser than me.

Let's see if I can help Hanley out with the 'Where is he?' part. After a 17 year career he is a special assistant to the president of the Marlins. He was so endeared by the fans he is known, as you know, as Mr. Marlin. And is regular on the television broadcast.

When he broke into the league he finished third in the ROY vote, which is pretty impressive since it was the Marlins first season and the baseball world wasn't exactly paying any attention to the new team in Florida. He has two World Series rings and an All-Star MVP trophy. You know, nothing.

Hanley is right, he shouldn't care what other people say, he only needs to be satisfied that he is helping the team in the best way he can. But when someone says something unflattering, and they will, it is the nature of the beast. If you are doing your best, it is pretty easy to disagree with their assessment from the high road. And that hasn't been the place Hanley has chosen to argue from - Ever.

And this time he could have.