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Marlins aren't willing partners heading into the trading deadline

The Marlins are asking for a lot for any player as the non-waiver deadline approaches.

From Jon Heyman of SI fame on twitter.


 Jon Heyman 


Ricky Nolasco and Anibal Sanchez should be off-limits. While Randy Choate and Leo Nunez should command a high ticket price. There is no reason for the Marlins to be sellers in the market.

First off, giving up one or two of the Marlins best starting pitchers makes absolutely no sense for the club. If the organization is really serious about fielding a contending team next season, there is no way they will get someone as good to replace either of them who is near Major League ready. Also keep in mind, prospects are a crap shoot.

That said, there is a reason to set a high price for Choate and Nunez, both are under club control. Nunez will be in his final year of arbitration and Choate's contract for 2012 pays him $1.5 million. At this point in the season it behooves the Marlins to try and get the most that they can.

If the Marlins can't get a sweetheart deal, so what. If either of relievers don't fit into future plans they can just trade them in the offseason without any loss.

Personally, I think both will be wearing a Marlins uniform next season. Though Leo is the most doubtful, due to what he will command in arbitration. However, it doesn't appear that Mike Dunn is ready to be the closer nor is Jose Ceda. So the Marlins may just suck it up and pay Leo.

But if they do, it is a very good thing for the organization that the club doesn't have to pay for our blood pressure medication. Because that cost would be astronomical.

I do hope that Leo is a Marlin next season, since no one puts the excitement in closing out a game the way he does. But I must admit, Todd Jones came close.