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Jeff Conine on possibly trading Hanley Ramirez

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Jeff Conine offered his opinion on a trade of Hanley Ramirez.


When asked if he would trade Ramirez, Conine said: "If it were up to me, probably."

Conine, a fan favorite and face of the franchise nicknamed Mr. Marlin, told The LeBatard Show he gets frustrated by Ramirez "on a nightly basis" and added "there are some nights where [Ramirez] doesn’t try as hard as he should."

I understand where Niner is coming from, watching Hanley over the years has been incredibly frustrating. He seems to be a player who can turn on or turnoff greatness like it was a light switch. And it is hard to understand why he doesn't keep the switch in the on position permanently. But I believe that the not trying hard was more prevalent in past years than this season. It appears to me he is actually trying, at least at the plate. It is just that he wasn't getting good results earlier. Now routine throws to first where he seems to go lackadaisical are another matter. 


Hanley's attitude will always be in question and he brought that on himself. But this season, it really appears he is putting forth an effort. All of that said, there is still room for improvement. 

Hanley could be a Hall of Famer, it is just a matter of whether he wants to achieve his potential or not. But at this point, there is no way the Marlins will trade him or should. Now when 2014 rolls around and he is set to earn $16 million that may be a different story.