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Florida Marlins had to use bathroom passes in 2003?

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I didn't know this. But it seems in order for a Marlins player to go to bathroom, in 2003, during the game, Jack McKeon required a bathroom pass. Or at least that is what Bloomberg Business Week reports.

Although affable, McKeon is known as a tough manager.


... in 2003, McKeon locked the clubhouse doors and required players to hand him bathroom passes when they couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Jack still doesn't allow the players to hangout in the clubhouse during the games, but I don't think he has reinstated the policy of old. You know the one where a player needs to raise his hand and present a signed note from his Mom.

Jack has mellowed in the years, and now, it is just a suggestion. But in other areas he remains the same, taking pitchers out during the middle of a count or a hitter in the middle of an at bat.

But that is just Jack.

His greatest fault, that I can tell, besides not knowing anyone's name, is that he has relievers warmup too much. And it has always been this way. He gets one up, on occasion, two or three times in the game and they end up pitching a complete game in the bullpen before ever entering the contest assuming they do.

But that aside, he is overall a very good addition to the team.

Read the whole article, you may know most of it, but hey, there may be something you don't.