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More Thoughts on the Optioning of Chris Volstad

This just posted by Joe Capozzi on the optioning of Chris Volstad.

The fact that they made the move, even thought the marlins are not exactly deep in startin pitching, speaks volumes for the team’s frustrations with their former first-round draft pick from 2005.


Volstad essentially was put on notice after his start in Chicago last Sunday when he allowed three runs in the first inning after Florida had taken a 3-0 lead.

"I saw a young guy who’s been – how long in the big leagues, three years? It’s time for him to step up and get tough,’’ McKeon said...


This has to be a move with 2012 in mind, because it sure didn't make the 2011 team better. Yeah, I know he may be back up with the team after a couple of starts in the minors, but that doesn't change things. There is no one the Marlins can add to the rotation who will be better or more consistent than Volstad. In his last 10 starts 6 of them were of the quality start variety. And someone to duplicate that doesn't exist in the Marlins minor league system.

It is very true that Volstad is frustrating. He has the talent and the stuff to be a solid Major League starter, he has shown that. But he doesn't always produce, and quite frankly about half the time it is hair pulling time screaming at the tv "What is wrong with him?" He does need to live up to his talent and if another stint in the Minors will speed that process along, so be it. 

This move, may make Volstad a better pitcher in the future. Who knows? It could. But it doesn't make the Marlins a better team in the present.