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Fish Wrap: Marlins 3, Padres 158

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The one part of Wednesday night's Marlins/Padres game that is worth recapping came in the ninth inning, when Bryan Petersen was called on to pitch. Petey Pipes tossed a scoreless inning, and became the Marlins' first position player to pinch pitch since Ross Gload tossed an inning in relief against Tampa Bay back in 2009. 

If Petey had started the game rather than finished it, the outcome might have been different. As it was, Ricky Nolasco allowed 9 runs on 9 hits, marking what he deemed "probably the worst start of my career." It was definitely the shortest start of his career at a measly 1 1/3 innings. 

To really scrape the barrel for another highlight, we move on to Emilio Bonifacio, who stretched his hitting streak to 19 games in the Marlins' 14-3 loss.

The Fish have dropped their series with the Padres, and will try and avoid a sweep this afternoon at Sun Life Stadium.