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Flotsam and Jetsam

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There is some stuff that needs to be caught up and another issue of Flotsam and Jetsam seems a perfect way to do it.

First up: The Hardball Times, Jeffrey Gross, thinks Javier Vazquez is a second half breakout candidate. Not going to argue with that since I think that could be the case. However, I think looking at his past data is pretty useless, even from a year ago. Javy is reaching a time in his career where he must reinvent himself, from year to year, in order to stay in a Major League team's rotation and he seems to be doing just that.

Second up: On WFAN in New York Logan Morrison gave his usual type of interview. And by which, he was completely unfiltered. One of the refreshing things about LoMo, no matter how much the club tries to rein him in, is that he speaks his mind. I guess this is how one gets a whole bunch of followers on twitter.

Third up: Bryan Petersen and Mark McGwire are buddies, so to speak. It appears, McGwire is somewhat helping Bryan with some hitting tips.

Fourth in the order: First round pick Jose Fernandez is holding out for a bunch of money. Fernandez thinks $4 million is what the Marlins should pay. I've got news for him, the Marlins only pay slot or close to it. And $4 million ain't slot. Normally the Marlins do a better job of making sure they can sign their early round picks. But things happen. I hope Mr. Fernandez enjoys SFU or Japan.

Finally, this is being brought up because some sports writers are reporting it: That if the Marlins don't reach .500 by some desired date, and who knows what that is, they may be willing to trade Anibal Sanchez, Ricky Nolasco, Leo Nunez and others. The article linked to doesn't mention Anibal but he has been named in others. I can't believe this will happen. There is no way the Marlins will gut their starting pitching staff. The club just doesn't have the Major League talent available and there is definitely no guarantee whatever is gotten by trade will be ready for the show. The Marlins are all about being a contender when the new stadium opens and removing two quality starters from the rotation is not the way to do that. Now as for the relievers mentioned in the article, well, who knows. The Marlins are known for reconstructing the bullpen most every year. That said, I think they will make a solid attempt to hold on to Leo.

And that ends today's Flotsam and Jetsam.