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Marlins Top 10 All Star Moments: #1

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Leading up to the Midsummer Classic, FishStripes is counting down our top 10 "hats-off" moments in Marlins All Star Game history. The Fish have 18 All Star Games under their belt, so clearly, with such a wealth of thrilling game moments to choose from, your opinion on the order and relevance of each moment may vary. Feel free to jump in on the comments and post your personal top ten, or simply rip ours to shreds. Or, ya know, just post your Ichthy picks and ignore me completely.

There is probably a lot of room for debate when it comes to top moments #10 through #2 in Marlins ASG history. Let's be real, one of them was an RBI groundout and one of them was arguably the worst performance ever in an All Star game. But despite how you may feel about the countdown so far, it is highly doubtful that anyone will argue that the number one All Star moment for the Marlins came on July 11th, 1995, at the Ballpark at Arlington. 

Jeff Conine, who was participating in the ASG for the second time, was the only Fish who made the trek to Texas for the ASG, and he represented the team like no Marlin ever has. 

Down 2-0 to the American League after five no-hit innings, Craig Biggio and Mike Piazza hit solo shots in the sixth and seventh innings respectively to tie up the game. In the eighth, Conine stepped up to the plate and connected on our #1 hats-off moment: a tie-breaking solo home run of his own, giving the National League the 3-2 lead. 

The three solo home runs were the only hits for the National League in the game, and it marked the first time in the history of the ASG that all of a team's hits were home runs. 

Niner's homer turned out to be the game-winner, and he was crowned MVP of the '95 All Star game--the only time a Fish has ever nabbed the honor.