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Marlins Top 10 All Star Moments: #3

Leading up to the Midsummer Classic, FishStripes is counting down our top 10 "hats-off" moments in Marlins All Star Game history. The Fish have 18 All Star Games under their belt, so clearly, with such a wealth of thrilling game moments to choose from, your opinion on the order and relevance of each moment may vary. Feel free to jump in on the comments and post your personal top ten, or simply rip ours to shreds. Or, ya know, just post your Ichthy picks and ignore me completely.

The 2008 All Star Game is one of the most memorable Midsummer Classics in the history of the Florida Marlins. The game was hosted on the biggest stage in baseball at the time--Yankee Stadium in New York. 

It was the final year that the All Star game would be played at the Yankees' old home, and apparently Dan Uggla, in his second year making it to the game, wanted it to be one that no Marlins fan would ever forget. 

Well, we won't. And frankly, neither will anybody else. Unfortunately, the game was memorable for all the wrong reasons. Unlike 2006, Dan actually got to play in the All Star game. The result was our beloved second baseman being the talk of Major League baseball--for longer than we care to remember--after he struggled miserably in his first All-Star game appearance. Danny committed three errors at second base, and the slugger didn't do much better at the plate than he did in the field. Uggs went 0-for-4 in the game, striking out three times and grounding into a double play.


It was painful to watch Danny struggle, but the fact that he didn't burst into tears and run off the field in shame is enough to garner him the FishStripes #3 hats-off moment in Marlins ASG history.