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Marlins Top Ten All-Star Moments: #4


Leading up to the Midsummer Classic, FishStripes is counting down our top 10 "hats-off" moments in Marlins All Star Game history. The Fish have 18 All Star Games under their belt, so clearly, with such a wealth of thrilling game moments to choose from, your opinion on the order and relevance of each moment may vary. Feel free to jump in on the comments and post your personal top ten, or simply rip ours to shreds. Or, ya know, just post your Ichthy picks and ignore me completely.


The #4 moment in Marlins All Star Game history comes from July 13th, 2010, at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, when after a 13-year drought, the National League finally beat the American League. We would be remiss to exclude this game from the top 10, seeing as it took more than a decade for the NL to get back in the All Star win column, and one of the Marlins top pitchers contributed nicely to the victory.

After Hanley Ramirez  made history in the Home Run Derby by becoming the first Marlin to make it to the final round, another Fish nabbed a hats-off moment in the All Star Game itself. Josh Johnson, who was participating in the Midsummer Classic for the second time in his career, made Fish fans proud in the third inning. 

Ubaldo Jimenez made the start for the National League, and after he tossed two scoreless innings, JJ took over on the mound. In front of a national audience--something Florida Marlins players don't get to experience very often--Josh threw a scoreless inning in relief.

The contribution may seem small, but the NL would go on to win the game, 3-1, finally tasting victory after 13 years of defeat, and earning home field advantage to boot. And Marlins ace Josh Johnson played a part in the win.