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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Home Run Derby (7/11)

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Tonight is the Home Run Derby version of Ichthyomancy.

The Derby starts at 8:00 p.m.

The rules are as follows:

Opening Round
  • Each player gets 10 outs to hit as many home runs as possible.
  • The four players with the most home runs hit in the Opening Round advance to the Semi-Final Round.
Semi-Final Round
  • Home runs do carry over from the first round.
  • Each player gets 10 outs to hit as many home runs as possible per at bat.
  • The two players with the most cumulative home runs after the Semi-Final Round advance to the Championship Round.
Championship Round
  • Home runs from the first two rounds do not carry over to the Championship Round; Opening and Semi-Final Round totals are cleared from the board.
  • Each player gets 10 outs to hit as many home runs as possible.
  • The player who hits the most home runs in the Championship Round is declared the State Farm Home Run Derby champion.
  • An out is registered when a player swings at a pitch and does not hit a home run.
  • A ball hit over the fence must be fair to count as a home run.

The golden ball once again returns for tonight and this time they are real gold, sort of.  (Why does the Robber Baron era keep coming to my mind?) When a player is down to their final out the pitcher will throw a golden ball.  Should the player hit a golden ball for a home run it will generate money given to charity.

For each gold ball home run hit throughout the derby, State Farm and Major League Baseball will combine to donate $18,000 to the organization (Boys & Girls Club of America). That figure represents the 18,000 State Farm agents in the U.S. and Canada.

State Farm will also donate $3,000 to the organization for each non-gold ball home run hit in the event.

Should you want to buy a juiced up real golden ball, you can do so here for the low price of $149.99 Golden Baseball.

But that is not the only way to raise money for charity, there is also the competition between the NL & AL.

For the winning captain's charity, there will be a $150,000 donation in the captain's name, along with a $100,000 contribution to Boys & Girls Club of America (BCGA). The losing team will have a $25,000 check made to the charity of its captain's choice and in his name.

The total number of home runs hit by all players in all rounds will be tabulated to determine the winning league, captain and charity.


Ichthyomancy points will be awarded in these categories: champion, most homers in a single round, most homers in the derby, and for any accurate (and specific) above and beyond picks (i.e. David Ortiz goes homerless in the first round and is eliminated or Rickie Weeks out homers Adrian Gonzalez 5-3 in the final, with Weeks hitting two "golden" homers to clinch the title).

Tonight's Participants

Player Team Lg
Jose Bautista Blue Jays AL
Robinson Cano Yankees AL
Prince Fielder Brewers NL
Adrian Gonzalez Red Sox AL
Matt Holliday Cardinals NL
Matt Kemp Dodgers NL
David Ortiz Red Sox AL
Rickie Weeks Brewers NL


Since this is totally objective, GameFish and I get to play. Here are my picks:

My picks:
Champion: Jose Bautista
Most homers in one round: David Ortiz
Most homers (cumulative): Jose Bautista
AAB: Prince Fielder goes pool with a golden ball.

It's your turn to make your picks. And yes, the points do count, well, for everyone but GameFish and myself.

Best of Luck to Everyone!