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2011 MLB First-Year Player Draft: Rounds 31-50

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This the final day of the 2011 First-Year Player Draft. Today will feature Rounds 31-50 and it all starts at noon.

While it is possible to pick up a prospect in the final rounds, it rarely happens. Mostly these rounds are for filling out the teams so the new higher draftees have someone to play with. In the Marlins case they load up on position players and get a few arms to fill the bullpen slots of the GCL.

All rounds will be speed rounds today and it is amazing how quickly the whole thing will go. No team dawdles, it is like they want to go home or something. In a sense, it is really quite amazing. As fast as it goes you would think someone would choose a player only to learn they were chosen a round earlier, but that never happens.

If the Marlins are running out of ideas on whom to choose in the final round, I once again offer my services. Feel free to draft me and I promise I won't sign. But do go ahead and send the letter saying that I was drafted so I can proudly display it on my wall. I'm guessing I don't have to worry about frame shopping later.

Anyways if you want to follow along, go here:

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