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Florida Marlins 2011 MLB Draft: Rounds 2 - 30 Recap

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Here are the Marlins draft results for Rounds 2-30.  Well, sorta.

In the second round the Marlins chose LHP Adam Conley, a junior from Washington State. Needless to say the Washington State faithful were very excited by this and our colleagues at the CougCenter wrote an excellent article about the young man's abilities.

You can read it here:

2011 MLB DRAFT: Adam Conley Selected By Florida Marlins

You really should read their assessment. But here is what it comes down to: Conley who has hit 97 mph on the gun, which is pretty rare for a lefty, he projects to be a reliever for the Marlins. While the Marlins are trying to get him to perfect a second pitch he may start in the Minors, but that will be so he can get more repetitions. But as far as the big club is concerned, he is a potential lefty out of the pen who can get both right-handed and left-handed hitters out. And by the time he is ready, the Marlins can probably use one of those.

As far as 3-30 goes the official site does a decent job and there is no reason to regurgitate their results.

You can read them here:

Marlins focus on hurlers, middle infielders on Day 2

A couple of notes: Round 6 selection Charlie Lowell, LHP, Wichita State was a real find. He already has command of  assortment of breaking pitches and given his body type (6' 4", 235) his velocity could increase with a little work on his mechanics. He already throws in the low to mid-ninties. He was #62 on the Baseball America's Top 100 list. Which makes him a mighty good selection in the sixth round.

Round 11 selection Jacob Esch is listed the above article as a second baseman. Not sure I'm right about this but I think he was the short stop for Georgia Tech. But that really doesn't matter the Marlins drafted him as a RHP. In the fall he hit 95 mph on the gun. But playing everyday then pitching on occasion his velocity dropped to around 90 mph. He has a strong arm and just concentrating on pitching, he has the potential to be a hard thrower.

Now, for some hometown newspapers. I like these the best.

Tom Caldwell Drafted By Florida Marlins In 24th Round

Marlins take COS' RIdger in seventh round of MLB Draft

Connor Barron of Sumrall was 102nd selection by the Florida Marlins

Major League Baseball draft: Day 2 sees area colleges have players selected

MPC's Grim, Hartnell's Jensen drafted

More Oklahoma players picked on second day of MLB draft

A dream day for Lewis, Donatello

And I'm sure there are more. Actually there is probably one written for every player drafted. Getting drafted is sort of like buy a lotto ticket, it is your chance to dream. You just took your first step towards the Hall of Fame. Sadly, though, when you're standing out on a back field in Jupiter and the hot summer sun is beating down on you and there is no shade in sight, reality has a way pushing in and killing the fleeting the dream. And you realize you are no closer to be inducted into Cooperstown than you were two days ago. But for a moment, when your name is announced and all your friends and family heard it, it is a very good day.