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Marlins President David Samson thrashed at Free Throws

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Marlins President, David Samson, got roped into a free throw contest and lost, badly, to a teen.

While using baseball and basketball statistics to teach a math class during a Teach America event, an enterprising young man by the name of Anthony Young asked Samson if he was good at basketball prompting the ever cocky Samson into making a bet. For every free throw Samson missed, the Marlins Community Foundation would donate an iPad to the school.

The school now has a whole mess of iPads.

It went down like this.



If Samson won, Young and 10 of his classmates would have to write a book report over the summer. If Young prevailed, the school would get iPads and Young would get a VIP trip to a Marlins game.

For every free throw Samson missed, the Marlins Community Foundation donated an iPad to the school’s library. But Samson was so bad, he decided to kick in three more iPads.

Young, who made six free throws, also got his own iPad.

To give David credit, he somehow got 4 of his 10 free throws to go in. Which is more than I would have guessed he would make.

While I'm very happy Samson stunk it up and the school along with the young man got iPads, I couldn't help but wondering, can anyone get a piece of this action? 'Cause I am more than willing to put up a book report versus an iPad in a free throw contest against Samson. And believe me, I won't be writing a book report.

I guess the bottom line here is that for once, Samson's ego overloading his capabilities was a very good thing.