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2011 MLB First-Year Player Draft - Day Two

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Today, the teams will select Rounds 2-30. It all starts at noon.

The second round is as important as the first and takes about as long. The third goes a bit faster but not by much and then it starts going a little quicker and by the end the teams are lightning round mode.

Obviously, Rounds 2-8 are very important but the ones after that are too, though to a lesser extent. However, every player chosen today will have a legitimate shot a Major League career. Now of course, a player chosen in the Second Round will get more of a look than a player chosen in Round 30 while in the Minors. But the path to the dream of a big league career is still available to all. It happens. It is just harder for someone drafted in the late twenty-something rounds but it does happen.

The Marlins will be selecting picks number 72, 102, 133. After which all the compensation picks are out of the way and you can just add 30 to get the Marlins next picks. So it will be 163, 193, 223...

I will try to make a note of the players selected for the Marlins in the comments, but I'm sure I will be able to. If you find yourself with some free time and you wouldn't mind, would someone please list the selections for Rounds 2-5. It would be much appreciated.

You can follow along on the internet at:

2001 MLB Draft Central