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Brad Hand Starting Pitcher for Marlins on Tuesday

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The Marlins are expected to announce that left-handed pitcher, Brad Hand, has been called up from Double-A Jacksonville to start for the Marlins on Tuesday.

Hand is one of the Marlins top pitching prospects and was presently working on his first full-season in Double-A. So far in Jacksonville, he has thrown 63.2 innings allowing 54 hits, 27 walks, 44 strikeouts and 25 earned runs for a 3.53 ERA.

I'm little surprised the Marlins are going to service clock on him but it will be a good gauge to check how he is progressing. in the past when Hand has made a move up, he initially struggles but only for a very short time and then he settles into his new surroundings. Control may be an issue since he is still walking more hitters than is normally considered desirable.

In order to get Hand on the 25-man roster, expect the Marlins to announce today that Hanley Ramirez has placed on the 15-day DL retroactive to May 29.

However this experiment turns out it will be exciting to see Hand pitch. The organization and the scouts think very highly of him and his Major League Debut should prove interesting.

Brad Hand's Stats